Men's Flat Green Semi-Stretch Softcruise®

The Semi-Stretch bikes are 3 inches longer than our standard bicycle. Notice that the top bar is larger than a standard bar, this adds the necessary strength to support the additional length. They are appreciably more comfortable than any other cruiser on the road. Look closely at the design, they are built to withstand years of arduous use and still be servicable. And the comfort is amazing.
  • Our patented rear suspension provides an extremely smooth ride. The 1500 pound spring and the swing arm guarantees perfect support.
  • Fenders with mud flaps. The fenders and mud flaps keep the rider dry in wet weather.
  • 10.5-gauge painted spokes the paint inhibits rust while the heavier gauge is stronger and is less likely to break.
  • Lightweight Aluminum pedals, plastic pedals break too easily, we use aluminum pedals so they will last. We also use aluminum wheels that are light weight and will not rust.
  • Faux Leather handle grips provide a sound grip on the handlebars and a comfortable grip

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