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    Rusty Spokes® was founded in 1997 in San Diego, CA by David Morrow, president and founder
  • He had been restoring and selling vintage bicycles for most of the time, (1997 -- 2001) but had started selling new cruiser bicycles
  • In 2003, he went to a trade show in Las Vegas, (Interbike)
  • After sitting on Mountain bikes and Cruisers, he noticed the difference in the feel, Cruisers had no rear suspension.
  • David thought about that for a while and decided he could and would make a cruiser with rear suspension.
  • He personally made 6 prototype chopper bicycles. In his store. The response was amazing.
  • Building bikes by hand was a tedious and expensive proposition.
  • In 2005, he went to a trade show in Las Vegas, (Interbike) in search of a bicycle manufacturer.
  • He went to China and had 3 of his prototype bikes built in mass quantities.
  • A year and a half later, he incorporated a 4th bike. Six more followed shortly after.
  • He now has a total of 10 Softcruise® bicycle designs.
  • Three of the designs are being sold at 20 locations in the Southern California area.
  • His company has been voted the Number 1 bike company in San Diego for the last 5 years. (2011-2016) by the readers of a local publication, Beach Bay Press (40,000 readers).  His business has escalated to the point he currently does not have a brick and mortar store front
  • He invented and manufactures the Softcruise® bicycle line. The 1st and only rear suspension cruiser in the world
  • Mr. Morrow has 10 patents and 4 trademarks, all pertaining to bicycles

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