Chronological Listing

1880's Coulson Tricycle

1880's Punnet Companion Tandem

1880's Singer Big Wheel

1890's Pierce

1890's Lindy

1890 Pope Columbia, shaft drive

1890's Pope Track Tandem

1910 Columbia

1918 Mead Ranger

1920's S and K cycle Deluxe from England

1920 Mead Premier

1924 Iver Johnson

1925 Elgin

1925 Elgin, Chromed

Late 1930's Schwinn

Late 1930's Elgin Twin Bar

1930's Shelby

1930's Ladies Schwinn

1930's Hiawatha Dayton Chieftain

1930's Elgin

1930's RoadMaster

1930's steer from rear Tandem

1930's chain driven Junior Toy Company Tricycle

1930's Dayton Chieftain, Fully Restored

1930's Wards Hawthorne, Fully restored

1930's Schwinn Excelsior

1930's B.F. Goodrich Excelsior

1930's Hercules from England

1930 Shelby

1932 Schwinn Packard

1935 Schwinn Ace

1936 Schwinn Ace

1937 Ingo Bike

1938 Schwinn Excelsior

1938 Schwinn-DX original springer

1938 Schwinn Ace

1938 Schwinn Ace

1939 Ladies Elgin 4 Star

1939 Wards Hawthorne

1939 Shelby AirFlow

1940's Rollfast

Early 40's Roadmaster

Early 40's Belknap Firestone, Fully restored

Early 40's Schwinn AutoCycle

1940's J.C. Higgins

1940's Firestone

1940 Hawthorne X26

1941 Men's Columbia

1941 Ladies Columbia

1941 Schwinn DX

1947 Silver King Monarch

1948 Columbia

1948 Schwinn Excelsior

1949 Black Phantom

1949 Schwinn DX Majestic

1949 Black Phantom

1949 Schwinn Phantom

1949 Schwinn DX Majestic

Schwinn Phantom Late 1950's, all original

Early 1950's Schwinn Panther

1952 Ladies Schwinn Hornet

1952 Ladies Schwinn Panther

1952 Schwinn Deluxe Hornet, all original

1952 Wards Hawthorne

1952 Schwinn Panther Red

1953 Schwinn Panther original

1953 Schwinn Panther Green

1953 Schwinn Red Phantom, all original

1954 Schwinn Deluxe Spitfire

1955 BF Goodrich (Schwinn) Hornet

1957 Schwinn DX Spitfire

Early 1940's Whizzer Aero Flyer. To be restored

1948 Phantom Whizzer. To be restored,

1943 Whizzer Pacemaker. To be restored

1949 Schwinn DX Whizzer. To be restored

1949 Schwinn Phantom Whizzer. To be restored

1942 Western Flyer Whizzer. To be restored

Custom Painting

Parts, bought and sold